Trenae Watson | Visionary Coach

I was super excited to design a polished, professional and sophisticated website for Trenae Watson, a Visionary Coach, Speaker, Law Student, Mom, Wife and Goal-Friend! She wears many amazing hats and it was my goal to design a website that reflects her brilliance and beauty on the inside and out.

Alexander Q.

Health & Wellness

With over 20+ combined years of coaching experience in corporations, schools and one-on-one sessions, Alexander Q’s mission is to create a mind-body shift that allows people to feel seen, heard and present.  

count the cost

Financial Training & Consulting

Clifton and Shanequa Stafford are helping to shift lives and change behaviors through leading legacy training. After drowning in more than $180,000 in debt, they had a “that’s it” moment that ultimately changed their lives forever. 

Megan Ewing

Brand Coach and Strategist

As a Brand Coach and Strategist, Megan Ewing helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs, who struggle with clarity and confidence, become the most powerful leader of their business and brands.


E-Commerce | Premium Tea

Persnickitea was born from a love of all things tea. From the whistle of the kettle, the sound of the pour, and the fragrant steep, after that first sip, you will experience the aromatic essence of a real blended tea. This brand is a vibe!

Wrapped n Chic

E-Commerce | Fashion

Wrapped N Chic’s curated collection of head wraps, turbans, and other unique pieces, are designed to meet the needs of women whether they have a funky, eclectic, simple or adventurous approach to style.

Modern Med

Healthcare Solutions

Modern Med’s multispecialty team is comprised of professionals with proven experience in various areas of healthcare including healthcare IT, medical staffing & recruiting, and health administration.

ADDITIONAL Branding Designs

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